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Transform your Customer Retention Strategy

InvenTire is a full-service seasonal tire storage SaaS platform for your dealership. We understand the unique challenges of tire storage, and engineered a specialized solution to help you cut costs, boost your bottom line, and capitalize on every customer touchpoint. InvenTire is the next frontier for automotive customer retention.

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Tire Storage Technology

The Next Frontier for Automotive Customer Retention

Take a deeper look into the industry's finest tire storage inventory management system.

Trusted by These Brands

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Inventory Management Software

Customizable storage maps, simple online interface, seamless cross-departmental workflow management

Personalized Marketing Materials

Professional quality print and digital marketing, customizable designs, industry consulting

Physical Tire Storage Equipment

Direct access to tire racks and storage containers, SKU stickers (integrated with the software)

The Inventire Difference...

Become a First Mover and a Market Leader
Strengthen Customer Lifetime Value
Capitalize on New Revenue Streams
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We have the opportunity to create safer driving conditions across the nation.

The key is convenient, affordable tire storage for consumers.


Thousands of automobile accidents occur every year because drivers are not using season appropriate tires.


You can be part of the solution, by providing a service for consumers that makes appropriate seasonal tire usage a no-brainer.

Uncover the Benefits

Learn how optimizing your seasonal tire inventory management can increase customer retention, improve customer engagement, and boost fixed revenue.

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