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Benefits of InvenTire

Learn how InvenTire optimizes your seasonal tire storage program, opening a new frontier of operational performance and customer service

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Demonstrate Tire Storage Mastery

Because your customers deserve a First-class tire storage experience
  • Create a seamless customer service workflow

  • Gather customer data to recognize trends and better serve demand

  • Provide peace of mind and protection from losses

Care Tire

Seasonal Tire Storage Delivers...

Guaranteed Customer Retention

Seasonal tire storage is the ONLY way to guarantee bi-annual customer visits. No other service can provide such a reliable and effective behavioral loyalty pattern. 

Increased Customer Engagement

Increased foot traffic and service visits gives your dealership vital opportunities to upsell and build customer relationships.

Boosted Service Revenue

With margins on vehicle sales dwindling every year, it is imperative that dealerships increase revenue from fixed operations such as car service and tire sales.

Enhanced Efficiency and Control

InvenTire's advanced workflow and data reporting systems give dealership managers full control over all customer touchpoints, which ripples throughout the entire business.

Quick Statistics

Customer retention matters. According to the COX Automotive Maintenance and Repair study, a customer returning just once to a dealership for service results in a 74% chance they will purchase another vehicle from that dealership.

Only 30% of consumers return to the selling dealership after their initial vehicle purchase. Only 8% of tire replacement revenue is earned by dealerships. These are massive areas of opportunity for InvenTire customers.

Consumer Benefits

How does InvenTire impact consumers? Well, drivers currently have three options:

  1. Never change their tires

  2. Drive with all-season tires

  3. Drive with season appropriate tires

Option 1 doesn't work. Winter tires are either required by law or absolutely vital in areas with colder climates.

Option 2 works, but poses major safety risks. All-season tires wear out quickly in the summer and do not perform as well on ice/snow as winter tires.

Option 3 is the safest, however most consumers cannot afford to pay for expensive storage space, and prefer not to lug their tires to and from the dealership every six months.

Here are the benefits InvenTire passes along to your customers:

Affordable and Convenient Storage

The InvenTire business model is designed so consumers no longer have to choose between price, convenience, and safety. Dealerships can now offer the best services at the lowest prices.

Safer Driving

Driving with season-appropriate tires has a substantial impact on driver safety, especially during winter months. InvenTire makes tire changes and storage simple and accessible to all consumers.

Lower Risk of Damaged Tires

Tires are heavy, dirty, and prone to damage if stored incorrectly. InvenTire delivers peace of mind when consumers know their tires are properly stored and changed right on time, every time.

One-Stop-Shop for Automotive Care

Consumers can now use their bi-annual tire change visits to turn their dealership into a one-stop-shop for oil changes, brake pad replacements, and all other vehicle service needs.

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