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Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Our story starts in Colorado. Myself in Lakewood, just a few minutes from Red Rocks, our CEO and CFO, Luke and Mason Stetler in Durango, and Tristan Crowson, our CTO, everywhere from Highlands Ranch to Ouray. All of us at InvenTire grew up in the Centennial State, and it is the state that we all call home. The majestic mountains, great people, and of course, snow. That white, powdery stuff that we all have grown to love and cherish.

But this beautiful snow can also be dangerous, and I know this firsthand. I was driving home one day from soccer practice, on a back road near Dinosaur Ridge, when my car hit some ice and spun out. I desperately tried to get back in control, but to no avail. My car careened down a large hill and narrowly missed hitting a pole. When my car finally came to a stop, I sat there for some time my heart pounding, paralyzed by fear and adrenaline. Eventually, I attempted to get out, but my knees kept buckling so I had to sit back down. Fortunately, a kind truck driver had seen me fall, and he called the police and a tow truck to get me out.

Our CEO, Luke Stetler, has a similar story as well. On a snowy winter afternoon in Durango, Colorado, he loaded up his snow blower and some shovels into the bed of his truck and set off to clear snow from his customer's driveways. Unfortunately, on his way, his truck got stuck. The heavy load in his bed, and the poor traction from his two-wheel-drive meant that he couldn't get up an icy hill, and he slid into a ditch. After two hours, and the help of a neighbor, Luke was finally able to get his truck unstuck. Unfortunately, he was two hours behind schedule, and received an earful from his angry customers, whose driveways hadn't been cleared.

Aside from a few sleepless nights and some minor inconveniences, both Luke and I were extremely lucky. The common theme here, is that both of our accidents were avoidable, and we were lucky they weren’t worse. If we had snow tires on our vehicles, we could have saved ourselves time and money, not to mention a great deal of stress.

No one likes the constant I-70 traffic to get to ski resorts, and especially not accidents. However, the fallout of a car crash is often far more serious than an extended wait time. These crashes can be fatal. So, from one Coloradan to another, I implore you, please consider investing in a pair of snow tires. Not only will they save you time, and a potential fine, but they might save your life as well.

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